Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I haven't posted on my blog in a long time. I feel unaccomplished today.

I feel not good at my job. I feel not good at being an artist. I feel not good at being a rider. I feel good at being a fiancee, but not good at being a wedding planner.

Things I need to do:
- take vacation time
- make things
- ride things
- buy a couch
- and dressers
- and lots of bookshelves
- find an MFA program
- make things so that I can get into an MFA program
- make phone calls
- talk to my mom more often
- talk to Joy more often
- go to Chicago so that I can try on wedding dresses
- go to the Farnsworth House so I can decide if I want to get married there
- organize my mail
- pay bills
- make some more money
- make my fiancee happy
- celebrate graduations and birthdays
- say goodbye to my friends
- wish them well
- make more things

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