Monday, January 25, 2010

I went shopping on Saturday. I bought a new winter coat (which seems like a silly end-of-January purchase), 2 black cardigans, 1 navy blue cardigan, 1 lilac cardigan, 2 argyle 3/4 length sleeve sweaters, a green turtle neck, a cat litter box with a lid, a cat play cube (a building block to a kitty city), a new tire dog toy, a pop-up "doghouse," and a 25 pound bag of cat food. I enjoy shopping.

My wish list for clothing:
- 1 or 2 pairs of black slacks
- 1 pair navy slacks
- 1 or 2 pairs of gray slacks
- 1 or 2 brown suit jackets
- some new shoes (as always)
- 1 beautiful wedding dress

I am trying to decide who to take dress shopping and where to go and when.

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